Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July Parade

Picking up candy with MiMi Anderson. EVERYBODY threw candy to me - I had so much fun!!

Here I am playing in the fountain at the park while we waited for the parade to start!

Sweet Corn

My Swimming Pool

I'm learning how to swim.....

My "farm friends" in the pool!

Cleaning out the Cupboard

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!

Favorite Toy

The luggage cart was my favorite piece of the whole trip!!

Bathtime in the Hotel!!


Nothing like Rock Candy on the Choo-Choo!!

Ahhh....the trucks!! My favorite ride!! I smiled and danced the whole time!

I wasn't too fond of the dragon ride. Too fast and too spinny!! Mommy agreed. It didn't look like it went that fast until we got on!


My first ride!

Our Hotel Room

The view from sunroom overlooking the pool!!
King of the Castle!!

1st Trip to The Zoo!!

Had to squeeze in a nap on our way to the Zoo!


Our 1st Family Vacation!!

Here we go......
Our first stop....the yummy Iowa Machine Shed!!
Here we are at the Bass Pro Shop!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Waterpillar!!

Mmmm.....Schwan's push-em!!!

1st Boat Outing of the Season!!

I took my first boat ride of the year on Memorial Day Weekend with Papa & Mimi Anderson, Uncle Craig, Corey, Great Uncle Mark, Gail, Mommy, and Daddy! I had a lot of fun and even got to drive the boat! The water was still a little chilly for my liking, though!