Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go Bears!!

Go Bears!! Too bad my favorite guy is out for the season already!!
Oh well, guess I'll have to train hard to be able to take his place!

3/4 of a Year Old!!


I got my very own Elmo chair. Add the flipper and I'm just like if it only reclined!!
Mommy says this is the same face daddy makes when someone interferes with his TV watching, too!

Bathtime and New Hair Do

Daddy gave me a new hair do right before my bath!
Mom says I'll be mad at her some day for this picture, but for right now I'll just HAM it up!

8 Month Birthday ~I can CRAWL & PULL MYSELF UP!

Happy 8 Month Birthday to Me!!!I can CRAWL!!!!!!
AND pull myself UP!!!!

My First Illinois State Fair!

Read to go see the cows!!

I wasn't sure of my first "up-close" encounter with the show heifer
Me and Daddy!!!

Sooo tired.....and sooo hot!

My First Boat Ride

Uncle Craig got a Pontoon Boat this summer and I got to take my first boat ride!
After we got to the cove, they let me out of my life jacket!
The water was pretty chilly for me, so needless to say, I wasn't a big fan!

I had a lot of fun, but it wore me out! I slept all the way back into the dock!

We're Back!!!!

I want to apologize for my Mommy's lack of blogging. She finally realized it had been since Father's Day for the last update! I have changed a bunch since then and thought that it was about time she showed all of you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

I was extra good on Sunday to help Daddy celebrate his very 1st Father's Day. We even managed to find matching outfits to help root on Daddy's favorite team.

Here I am using Daddy's hair like the reigns to a horse.....he loved it!!

The bib says it all......

My First Swim!

Daddy got my frog pool filled up and the water temp was just right for me to take a dip! I loved it and I figured out how to REALLY make a SPLASH!

1/2 A Year Old Already!!

I celebrated my 6 month birthday on Wednesday. Mommy and Grandma Anderson took me to the park for a photo shoot. They say I was a perfect subject the WHOLE time...(not that they should've expected anything other than that). Here are just a few of the day's products. Thanks to Aunt Jackie for helping with some editing!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sitting By Myself - For Real This Time

Whew ~ I've had a busy week! Wednesday was Mommy and Daddy's 3rd anniversary, so Grandma and Papa Anderson came to play with me while Mommy and Daddy went out to eat. On Saturday, Grandma, Papa, and Uncle Craig brought Mommy and Daddy their anniversary present - a bench for the back patio (something that looks pretty neat for me to climb on!!). Then, today, Grandma Gentle drove up to spend the day with me. I have been working on sitting up all week and tonight after Grandma left, I got the hang of it pretty good ~ the proof is below! (Mommy jumped the gun in an earlier post - Daddy was still holding on to my arm). Now I am so tired that I am taking a big nap.......that's it until next time!!!

After Planting Party

Every year, in celebration of getting the crops planted, Grandpa Anderson takes all of his "helpers" out for a nice supper. Rumor has it that he does it again in the fall to celebrate harvest - now if I can just get big enough to eat one of those steaks!
Since I'm not old enough for steak yet, Uncle Craig thought I should just have beer!
If you look real close, you can see that I am sooo close to getting a hold of Papa's mustache - everyone (except Papa) can hardly wait for the day when I take a big handful!

My First Ouchie

While we were in St. Louis, I managed to get my first ouchie that required a band-aid! Not sure exactly what happened, but it didn't really phase me.

Doing Laundry

Mom is teaching me how to do laundry at an early age! So far I like it, but I don't really know any better!

Weekend in St. Louis

Daddy was in his college roommate's wedding in St. Louis the first weekend in June, so I spent my first whole weekend away from home. I traveled really good (slept most all of the way) and even slept good in my pack n play. Here I am on the huge bed all by myself right after my bath.
Got those feet again!!

Waiting Patiently

Just hanging out, waiting patiently for my bottle so I can go to bed.
Usually when I tip over like this, I am not too happy.