Friday, March 19, 2010

15 months Old

Happy St. Patty's Day & Happy 15 month Birthday to ME!!!
Daddy said I was too little for green beer, so I had to settle for green milk!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Uncle Ryan, Grandma Gentle, Mommy, Daddy, and I all went to watch the Illini play Minnesota. I sure had fun, even though the game didn't turn out so well.

Here I am before we hit the road - can you say "full ot it?"

Didn't want to leave my ear phones on. I wanted in on the action!

These Boots are Made for Walking...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I finally got to use my sled!

Daddy is pulling me - I wanted faster, faster!!

Everything was great....until I got out of the sled and did a face plant!
Brrr...that was cold!

Full Moon

I heard mommy and daddy talking about a full moon outside...I showed them I could give them one anytime...

Diaper Loading Zone

Pretty self explanatory....

My new sled! Mommy says its too cold to take it outside right now, so I'll just use it inside!

I love playing hide and seek in my tent!

Let it Snow!!

My first encounter with the snow! I loved it!

On Christmas Eve, we left first thing to go down to Grandma and Grandpa Gentle's. Uncle Ryan was there, too. I got a cool play farm set that makes all kinds of noise! Later that day, we went in to visit Great Grandma Gentle and to see Uncle Tom and Aunt Joyce. We had a yummy supper and I got MORE presents!!! (Mom is kinda forgetful these days- she forgot to take the camera with. I guess as long as she remembers my food, milk, and diapers, I shouldn't be too hard on her!)
After opening presents Christmas morning at home with mommy and daddy, we hit the road to Grammie and Papa Anderson's house. Uncle Craig and Corey were there.

My new toy box from Uncle Craig!!

Sweet! My first 4-wheeler!

Getting very sleepy!!

Ahhh, so sleepy! Its been a very fun, but long day! Thank you everyone for all of my wonderful birthday AND Christmas presents!!

Its Christmas Time!

Its Christmas Morning! Santa came to our house!!

I wasn't really in to the whole present opening yet this year, but I did think it was pretty cool to climb on them!

My new Elmo book!!

Still Partying!

The Gentle side birthday party was super fun! Everyone came to our house to see me!

Sweet - a whole box of stuff!!

I think I'll just sit in the box!!

Cousin Corey brought some of that "sqwakeye" (as daddy calls it) stuff back from college for me! Daddy and Uncle Ryan had to toss the Illinois hat on to complete the outfit!!

Elmo Encore is sooo funny!!!

Birthday AND Christmas in One Day

While Great Uncle Mark and Gail were home for my birthday party, we also celebrated Christmas with them! Yay!

My cool new wagon from Uncle Mark!!
I was a big help putting it together!

Soooo tired after a big day!

More Birthday!

My first show heifer from Uncle Craig!!

Ahhh, nothing like Happy Joe's pizza for a birthday supper! I think I'll help myself!

Caleb's 1st Birthday

Geeezz! 3 months have already passed since my 1st birthday, but mommy wanted to post some of the photos anyway! Since my birthday was on a Thursday, I spent the whole day with mommy and daddy and we had FUN! Then, on that Saturday, we celebrated with mommy's side of the family and on Sunday, with Daddy's side of the family. What a great 1st birthday! (even if it was 3 months ago!!)
The piggy I got from Rich and Teri - I just LOVE that little guy!
My cool hat from Aunt Kelly!

A new book - I LOVE books!!

The BIG ELMO pillow from Mommy and Daddy!!

My FIRST cake experience - and was it a real doozie!! Mom put me straight into the bath tub after this - I don't know why???