Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Helping Mommy Cook Supper

Here I am in my chair helping mommy make supper....I was asking her to hurry up with my supper while she was at it!

2 months old!

Happy 2 month Birthday to me!
Too bad I can't have any cake!
Little did I know it.....Mommy and Daddy were getting ready to take
me for my 2 month shots. Yikes those hurt!

Later that night....guess the shots weren't that bad. I think they were harder on mommy.

My 1st Valentine's Day

Such a serious face...hmmmm!
Here we are right before mommy and daddy went out to eat for Valentine's day.

Friday the 13th!

Here I am in my bumbo chair again. I survived my first Friday the 13th!!

Cuddle Buddies

I love to cuddle with mommy ~ especially under that heated blanket!

Rough Day!

I worked too hard under my jungle gym ~ I fell asleep right in the middle of everything!

What is this thing?

I'm not sure what mom was thinking when she strapped me into this thing. I'm not sure if I like it or not ~ kind of a rip off that she doesn't "actually" have to hold me when I'm in this thing!

Welcome Caleb Shower

After a long day of people looking at me, I was wore out and had to convince mommy to take my pants off ~ I love just "hanging" out.
Mommy, Daddy, and Me beside my cake

Grandma Gentle had a party for people to come meet me.
I wasn't here for the one Grandma Anderson had for me, but mom says it was a lot of fun, too.


This is a tribute to all of mommy's farm bureau friends. Something about whales that I don't quite get yet - maybe someday...or maybe its just better off if I don't know! On top of going to the "girly" baby shower, mom dressed me in an outfit that everyone thought was funny. I just don't get it!

A Day With TOO Many Women

Mommy took me along to a baby shower for her friend Jill. There's something about lots of women and a baby shower that is really exhausting! That was the most women I've been around yet and I think they were all after me!! Not bad for only 6 weeks old!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Me in my bumbo chair

I'm a big boy for only 6 weeks old! I love this little chair!

Cashed Out

What a rough, sleep, poop...and sleep some more!

Big Boy Chair

Daddy said I could sit in the big boy chair, but I had to act like a big boy...
which means no fussing!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy worked at the QC Farm Show on his birthday, so when he got home, I had a special birthday wish for him!!

One Month Old

I turned 1 month old on January 17! Time flies when you're having fun. Mom had to dress me up in this "little man" outfit for a darn photo shoot! She thought I was just too darn cute so she kept clicking that bright light in my face!!

I found my thumb!!

I like my new jester hat, even though its just a little bit too big. And, looky there, I found my thumb....and its my LEFT one, so I think I'm going to be left handed like my mommy!! Daddy says good, maybe I'll be a pitcher!

My First Shopping Trip!

Daddy went deer hunting a few weeks ago, so Mommy and Grandma Anderson took me for my first shopping trip. I loved it so much, I didn't peep the whole time....and I slept really good that night! I was wore out from riding around in my stroller!!