Friday, April 30, 2010

Reading and Helping

We went to work at the Flower Shop and I found a nice place to sit down and relax while reading my book ~ the big flower cooler!!! Mom chuckled because I did this all by myself. I snuck in the door of the cooler behind Grammie! Mom came around the corner and here I was!!!

Biscuit Time

I learned how to give the dogs their biscuits!!

My First Time at the Hair Salon

Here I am for my first visit to the salon!! I needed a hair cut pretty bad (according to Dad!!) He said is was hanging over my ears too much!!

Give me a sucker and my tractor book and I'll sit still.....for a few seconds!!

I decided I didn't really like the cape or sitting on the booster seat, so Grammie A had to read to me....and I sat still for another......few seconds!!
Now for some reese's .....I kinda like this hair cut thing...I get some good treats!! All done...look at the handsome boy! I was using the "tickle brush" to dust everyone off!

My Perch...

I love to stand on my sill town so that I can look out this window. Today, I even had to bring my cup of goldfish along. I like to watch the tractors go by on the road.

Makin' Cake

Mommy and Grammie Anderson were busy baking goodies for little Addi Nowlan's benefit.
The should've both known better than to leave the room at the same time....

Snack Time!

Here I am sharing my snacks with Papa Chuck!

Time for a rest with Uncle Craig!

My Buddy and Me!!

Here is my buddy Tucker. He is about 6 weeks younger than me.

We are checking out his new Fire Truck he got for his birthday!
Make it go, faster, faster, faster!!! I'm hanging on!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Goin' for a Ride!!

I LOVE it Outside!!

Lawn Mower Ride

Daddy took me for a ride on the lawnmower!

He said someday I'll be big enough to drive it!!

Playing in the Sandbox

My 1st trip to the sandbox....and I thought the shovel was a giant spoon!!
Found out sand doesn't taste too good!!

Daisy was right there to help me out!!


Daddy gives me funny hair-dos after my bath each night and we suprise Mommy!
Tonight, I got a cool mohawk!!

Happy Easter!!

He is Risen! Thank you Jesus for making the ultimate sacrifice on the cross and then rising from the tomb to prove your love for me!

The Easter Bunny found my house!!!

On Easter Sunday, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Gentle and Uncle Ryan. Great Grandma Gentle came to see me, too, and brought me a yummy Bunny Cookie!! Here is my new tonka truck!

Happy Easter!!

On Palm Sunday, we went to Grammie and Papa Anderson's house.

Huury up, Uncle Craig! I want to go for a ride!!
My new picnic table!!

Easter Egg!!! Or "balls" as I like to call them!!!