Monday, January 12, 2009

2nd's and 3rd's

2nd Cousin Mandy (and Great Uncle Scott)
2nd cousin Maggie

3rd Cousin Kelly

2nd Cousin Sara

Baby Illini!

Since we were heading to see some "squawkeye" fans for Christmas Sunday,
I had to debut my fancy Illinois outfit! And I was celebrating the beat down of Indiana!

"Greats" Round 2!

Great Aunt Janny
Great Grandma Armstrong

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The 10 Pounder

Today was my 3 week check up at the Doctor's office. Doc calls me the "10 pounder." I weighed 7.1 when I was born, 6.13 when I came home, 7.9 at my one week check up, and 9.8 today! Let's just say, I haven't missed any meals. Mom and Dad feed me well! Here I am when we got home, I was exhausted after our trip out!

First trip to Grandma Anderson's Flower Shop

With all of my dirty diapers, Mom and Dad made a trip to Grandma's Flower Shop to dump the extra bags of garbage! Who knew a little man like me causes so much extra trash!!

Bath Time

I Love the bath tub!
All wrapped up to dry off!
I don't think my dinosuar robe quite fits you, dad!!

Mama's Boy

The shirt says it all!!!

Good Advertising

Uncle Craig promised me commission for any calves sold as a result of this!
Talk about good advertising, huh?

Nap Time

Me and Daddy taking a little nappy!

Great Grandparents and Aunts/Uncles

I've been making the rounds to meet many special people....
and have more rounds yet to make. So many people to meet and so many people to spoil me!
Great Uncle Mark
Great Aunt Barb

Great Grandma Gentle

Great Grandpa Swanson